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by Georges Dyer, Senior Fellow, Second Nature

Georges DyerBill Gates gave a TED Talk last week about how if he could have just one wish it would be to get to zero carbon.  Even with all of his understanding, passion and work on the issues of health, poverty, sanitation, disease and so many of the world’s urgent and interrelated problems – his wish, if he only had one, would be to get the big innovation breakthroughs that will make clean, carbon neutral energy affordable and safe.  This is because climate disruption is the problem we face today that will make all of the other problems so much worse.

It is incredibly exciting to see the country’s colleges and universities leading the way on this push to zero.  With 667 institutions committed to publicly reporting on their progress through the ACUPCC, and many more taking very similar steps, they are driving the innovation needed, educating the leaders who can make the breakthroughs, and serving as role-models to show that we can do this in ways that make good business sense.

In the talk, Gates lays out a simple equation: CO2 = P * S  * E  * C


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