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By Kenny Ausubel, CO-CEO and Founder, Bioneers
(This article appears in the January, 2011 issue of The ACUPCC Implementer)


In the words of filmmaker Tom Shadyac, “The shift is about to hit the fan.” We’re experiencing the dawn of a revolutionary transformation. This awkward ‘tween’ state marks the end of pre-history – the sunset of an ecologically illiterate civilization. The revolution has begun – but in fits and starts. The challenge is that it’s one minute to midnight – too late to avoid large-scale destruction. We have to fan the shift to ecoliterate societies at sufficient speed and scale to dodge irretrievable cataclysm.

Anthony Cortese Second Nature Bioneers 2010As H.G. Wells presciently said over a century ago, “We’re in a race between education and catastrophe.” The urgent question today is what education means in the context of catalyzing the widespread mobilization and action needed to accelerate this transition effectively in the shortest period of time.

Since my partner Nina Simons and I founded the Bioneers conference in 1990, we’ve brought together leading social and scientific innovators focused on practical and visionary solutions for restoring Earth’s imperiled ecosystems and our human communities.  For the last 21 years, the Bioneers conference has served as a platform for cross-pollinating ideas and highlighting the solutions already available to us, helping bring them mainstream and inevitably creating leverage for change on larger scales. Every October, thousands gather in northern California to immerse themselves in this environment of hope and transformative possibility; thousands more gather across the country as participants in our Beaming Bioneers satellite conferences, as well.


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