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By Peter Bardaglio, Senior Fellow, Second Nature

Welcome to the September 2011 issue of the TCCPI Newsletter, a monthly update from the Tompkins County Climate Protection Initiative (TCCPI).

Welcoming the Winds of Change: Enfield Energy

In the works for several years, the Enfield Energy Black Oak Wind Farm project has gained new momentum in recent weeks. The company held a meeting at the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce earlier this month with potential board members. At the meeting, Enfield Energy’s co-owner and project manager, Marguerite Wells, reported that construction on the 35-50 MW Black Oak Wind Farm site is slated to begin in late 2012 or early 2013.

Adopting a financing model developed by the South Dakota Wind Partners (SDWP) project, Enfield Energy plans on making an in-state public offering of the company as a way to raise the necessary capital. Consultants from the South Dakota firm Val-Add Service, which served as the project coordinators for SDWP, explained how this approach works and why they thought it would be a good fit for Enfield Energy, given its commitment to community ownership.

Maple Ridge Wind Farm in Lewis County, NY.

Next steps for the Black Oak Wind Farm include securing financing for the $105-120 million project, developing siting details for up to twenty turbines, and choosing proper turbine designs. Power purchase agreements are currently being discussed with several potential parties. To date, Hess Corporation, AES, Shell, and Ithaca College have expressed verbal interest in purchasing power.

Enfield Energy expects to complete its environmental impact statement next month, and is working on its second of three interconnection studies with the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO).Two crane-ready access roads have been constructed, with a total of approximately 1.5 miles in length, which allow entry to the two main wooded areas for turbines.


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